Atomic Books Best Sellers 2015: Mini-Comics And Irregular Single Issues

These are the top 30 best selling mini-comics and irregular single issues at Atomic Books in 2015.

1. Optic Nerve #14 (Drawn & Quarterly)

by Adrian Tomine

2. Lose #7 (Koyama Press)
by Michael DeForge

3. Worst Behaviour: A New Megg, Mogg And Owl Adventure (Pigeon Press)
by Simon Hanselmann

4. Mowgli's Mirror (Retrofit Comics)
by Olivier Schrauwen

5. Cheer Up (Hic & Hoc)
by Noah Van Sciver

6. Do Not Disturb My Waking Dream: Autopic Mini (Uncivilized Books)
by Laura Park

7. Mutiny On The Mousey (Stinckers)
by Steve Weissman

8. Frontier #7 (Youth In Decline)
by Jillian Tamaki

9. Creation of Manson (Ray-Ray Books)
by Sara Lautman

10. Lying and Cursing (Tinto Press)
by Sara Lautman

11. My Hot Date (Kilgore Books)
by Noah Van Sciver

12. 1994 Nissan Sentra (self-published)
by Jordan Jeffries

13. Ikebana (Retrofit Comics)
by Yumi Sakugawa

14. New Jobs (Uncivilized Books)
by Dash Shaw

15. Blammo #8.5 (Kilgore Books)
by Noah Van Sciver

16. I Taste Sound Presents Foork (self-published)
by Mike Riley

17. Slurricane #8 (self-published)
by Will Laren

18. Men's Feelings #1 (Revival House)
by Ted May

19. Poet Poe (self-published)
by R Sikoryak

20. Steroid Max (self-published)
by Michael Hacker

21. Blobby Boys 2 (Koyama Press)
by Alex Schubert

22. Boy's Club #1 (Buenaventura Press)
by Matt Furie

23. Boy's Club#3 (Buenaventura Press)
by Matt Furie

24. Frontier #6 (Youth In Decline)
by Emily Carroll

25. As You Were Vol. 2 (Silver Sprocket)
by Mitch Clem (ed.)

26. Big Pussy (2D Cloud Press)
by Gina Wynbrandt

27. Fight Frogs #1 (self-published)
by Jimmy Giegerich

28. Fuff #10 (self-published)
by Jeffrey Lewis

29. Hacksler #1 (self-published)
by Michael Hacker

30. Madballs Oozing Wad (ROAR Comics)
by Various


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