New Comics 10/05/16

New comics coming to Atomic Books this week. Most new comics go on sale on Wednesday AM. Quantities are limited. Some titles go fast.
Aftermath: The Big Clean #2 (Heavy Metal)
All New Wolverine #13 (Marvel)
Amazing Spider-Man #19 (Marvel)
Angel City #1 (Oni)
Aquaman #8 (DC)
Aquaman Vol. 7: Exiled (DC)
Archangel #3 (IDW)
Archie Meets The Ramones (Archie)
Art Ops #12 (Vertigo)
Astro Boy Omnibus Vol. 5 (Dark Horse)
Avatar Last Airbender Adult Coloring Book (Dark Horse)
Batman #8 (DC)
Batman 66 Meets Steed And Mrs. Peel #4 (DC)
Batman Dark Knight Returns Book And Mask Set (DC)
Big Trouble In Little China Escape From New York #1 (Boom)
Billy Budd KGB (Dover)
Black #1 (Black Mask)
Black Dog Dreams Of Paul Nash (Dark Horse)
Black Road Vol. 1 (Image)
Bloodshot Reborn #18 (Valiant)
Boo The World's Cutest Dog #2 (Dynamite)
Cage #1 (Marvel)
Cannibal #1 (Image)
CBLDF Presents She Changed Comics (Image)
Champions #1 (Marvel)
Clean Room #12 (Vertigo)
Color Your Own Doctor Strange (Marvel)
Cyborg #2 (DC)
Deadman: Dark Manson Of Forbidden Love #1 (DC)
Deadpool: Back In Black #1 (Marvel)
Deadpool: Mercs For Money #4 (Marvel)
Death Of Hawkman #1 (DC)
Death Of X #1 (Marvel)
Demon (:01 First Second)
Discipline Vol. 1 (Image)
Doctor Strange #12 (Marvel)
Doctor Strange Prelude (Marvel)
Elseworlds Batman Vol. 2 (DC)
Everafter: From The Pages of Fables #2 (Vertigo)
Flintstones #4 (DC)
Future Quest #5 (DC)
Giant Days #19 (Boom)
Giant Days Vol. 3 (Boom)
Goldie Vance Vol. 1 (Boom)
Grayson Vol. 4: Ghost In The Tomb (DC)
Green Arrow #8 (DC)
Green Lanterns #8 (DC)
Hard Case Crime Triggerman #1 (Titan)
Harley Quinn #5 (DC)
He-Man Thundercats #1 (DC)
Head Lopper Vol. 1 (Image)
Insexts #8 (Aftershock)
Invincible Iron Man #14 (Marvel)
James Bond #10 (Dynamite)
Jessica Jones #1 (Marvel)
Killer Inside Me #2 (IDW)
Judge Dredd: Mega-City Zero Vol. 2 (IDW)
Justice League #6 (DC)
Last Look (Pantheon)
Looney Tunes #233 (DC)
Low Vol. 3 (Image)
Moonshine #1 (Image)
Mouse Guard Coloring Book (Arcadia)
My Little Pony Vol. 5 (IDW)
Nightwing #6 (DC)
Oh Joy Sex Toy Vol. 1 (Limerence Press)
Oh Joy Sex Toy Vol. 2 (Limerence Press)
Paper Girls #10 (Image)
Power Man And Iron Fist Epic Collection: Revenge (Marvel)
Return Of The Hony Buzzard (Selfmadehero)
Rise Of The Black Flame #2 (Dark Horse)
Romulus #1 (Image)
Secret Loves Of Geek Girls (Dark Horse)
Serenity Adult Coloring Book (Dark Horse)
Shade The Changing Girl #1 (Young Animals)
Shipwreck #1 (Aftershock)
Soft City (New York Review Of Comics)
Spidey #11 (Marvel)
Squadron Supreme #12 (Marvel)
Super F*ckers Forever #3 (IDW)
Swamp Thing: The Dead Don't Sleep (DC)
Though Bubble Anthology: Collecting 10 Years Of Comics (Image)
Trees Vol. 2 (Image)
Voltron: The Legendary Defender #3 (Lions Forge)
Vote Loki (Marvel)
Walking Dead #159 (Image)
Walking Dead HC Vol. 13 (Image)
Walking Dead Rick Grimes Adult Coloring Book (Image)
Walt Disney's Donald Duck Vol. 9: Ghost Sheriff Of Last Gasp (Fantagraphics)
Wicked And Divine Vol. 4 (Image)
Wolf Vol. 2 (Image)

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