Atomic Books 2016 Best Sellers: Beer from Eightbar

1. Naragansett Lager (Naragansett)
2. Anthem Golden Ale (Union)
3. Duckpin Pale Ale (Union)
4. Steady Eddie Wheat IPA (Union)
5. Yacht Lager (Stillwater)
6. Bell's Two Hearted Ale (Bell's)
7. Annabel Lee White (B.W. Beer Works)
8. Radler (Stiegl)
9. Crisp Pilsner (Six Point)
10. ChopTank'd Saison (Brewer's Art)
11. Old Pro Gose (Union)
12. Extra Dry Sake Saison (Stillwater)
13. Snowpants Oatmeal Stout (Union)
14. Balls To The Wall American Pale Ale (Oliver)
15. Tell Tale Heart IPA (B.W. Beer Works)

(carryout available)


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