Atomic Books 2016 Best Sellers: Comics Series

1. Black Panther (Marvel) by Ta-Nehisi Coates / various
2. Dark Knight III: The Master Race (DC) by Frank Miller / Brian Azzarello / Andy Kubert / Klaus Janson
3. Saga (Image) by Brian K. Vaughan / Fiona Staples
4. Snotgirl (Image) by Bryan Lee O'Malley / Leslie Hung
5. Paper Girls (Image) by Brian K. Vaughan / Cliff Chiang
6. Providence (Avatar) by Alan Moore / Jacen Burrows
7. Walking Dead (Image) by Robert Kirkman / Charlie Adlard
8. Civil War II (Marvel) by Brian Michael Bendis / David Marquez
9. Black Panther World Of Wakanda (Marvel) by Roxane Gay / Ta-Nehisi Coates / various
10. All-Star Batman (DC) by Scott Snyder / John Romita Jr.
11. Jessica Jones (Marvel) by Brian Michael Bendis / Michael Gaydos
12. Cinema Purgatorio (Avatar) by Alan Moore / various
13. Rick and Morty (Oni) by various
14. Love and Rockets (Fantagraphics) by Los Bros Hernandez
15. Doom Patrol (Young Animal) by Gerard Way / Nick Derington
16. Lost Boys (Vertigo) by Tim Seeley / Scott Godlewski
17. Mirror (Image) by Emma Rios / Hwei Lim
18. Moonshine (Image) by Brian Azzarello / Eduardo Risso
19. Blubber (Fantagraphics) by Gilbert Hernandez
20. Black Monday Murders (Image) - Jonathan Hickman / Tomm Coker
21. DC Universe Rebirth (DC) by Geoff Johns / Gary Frank / various
22. Bitch Planet (Image) by Kelly Sue DeConnick / Valentine De Landro
23. Black Hammer (Dark Horse) by Jeff Lemire / Dean Ormston
24. Sun Bakery (Alternative Comics) by Corey Lewis
25. Tank Girl (Titan) by Alan Martin / Brett Parson


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