Atomic Books' 2018 Best Selling Zine/Magazine Series & Stand-Alones

2018 Best Selling Ongoing (Multi-Issue) Zines & Periodicals
1. Crap Hound
2. Murder Can Be Fun
3. Baltimore Magazine
4. Hi-Fructose Magazine
5. Mojo Magazine
6. One Punk's Guide To...
7. Cinema Sewer
8. Bust
9. My Complicated Relationship With Food
10. Bitch Magazine
11. Razorcake
12. One Minute Happiness
13. Baffler
14. Maximum Rocknroll
15. Lapham's Quarterly
16. Cometbus
17. Bmore Art
18. Uncut Magazine
19. First Line
20. Adbusters Magazine
21. The Believer
22. Record Collector Magazine
23. Behind The Wheel
24. Vinyl Vagabonds
25. Mineshaft

2018 Best Selling Single-Issue/One-Shot Zines
1. Family Fun Manual Vol. IV: Rainy Day Craft Projects For When Your Country Has Elected A White Supremacist Who Openly Brags About Sexually Assaulting Women by Creative Craft Books LLC
2. Making Spaces Safer: A Pocket Guide by Shawna Potter
3. Shit's Fucked: A Positivity Guide by Gina Sarti
4. Stolen Sharpie Revolution: A DIY Resource For Zines And Zine Culture by Alex Wrekk
5. It Only Gets Worse From Here: Fifteen Unspirational Messages to Ruin Your Day by Zach Auburn
6. God Dammit Kyle MacLachlan by Maureen Sullivan / various
7. Brainscan #33: DIY Witchery by Alex Wrekk
8. Baltimore Coloring Book Project Volume 2 by Benn Ray / various
9. Prince Zine by Joshua James Amberson / Rachel Lee-Carman
10. Wisdom Of Nicolas Cage by Belly Kids
11. The Twist by Billy Roberts
12. Color Me Kaiju by Motobus
13. We've Made A Huge Mistake by Zach Auburn
14. Do I Hate Being Right All The Time: The Jeff Goldblum Activity Book by Belly Kids
15. Skeletor's Guide To Self-Care by Skeletor


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