The Charmery X Atomic Books

We've teamed up with our friends at The Charmery!

We picked two of our favorite books, and asked The Charmery to come up with new flavors.  Now you can pre-order a pint of the ice cream and a copy of the book!

From The Charmery:

How lucky are we?
The best bookshop in the entire galaxy happens to be right down the street from us in Hampden! Our Master Creamer David got together with Owner and Book Guru Benn Ray to pair some essential summer reading with essential summer ice cream. These flavors are available first only as a Pints & Pages combo. $25 gets you one book and one paired pint.

For the Kids:
Book: Unstoppable
Ice Cream: Black Forest Brownie
About the book from Benn Ray:
With irresistible art by Laura Park, Adam Rex's clever book is about the importance of cooperation and environmental protection. It's a book about community.

About the ice cream from David Alima:
Inspired by the love and respect given to the natural world this flavor is a chocolate and roasted cherry base with brownie bits throughout

For the Grown-Ups:
Book: Severance
Ice Cream: Millennial Pink Peppercorn Lemonade

About the book from Benn Ray:
Rituals, routines, work and family. Ling Ma's Severance is an apocalyptic (an epidemic, no less!) look at the things that anchor our culture, told through the eyes of a first generation, Chinese-American Millennial. Let's call it "relevant escapism".

About the ice cream from David Alima:
We wanted to play off the classic pink lemonade often sold out of kiosks in shopping mall kiosks- one of the settings of this book. Plus the cover of the book is a shade called "Millennial Pink". Unlike the black peppercorn the pink variety is actually a dried berry and has a sweet fruity taste to it.

These page turners and spoon raisers are available for pre-orders and will be ready for curbside pick-up and in store at Hampden and delivery starting Wednesday July 1st through July 5th! This is a limited time offer!



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