Atomic Books 2021 Best Sellers: Comics & Graphic Novels


Atomic Books 2021 Best Selling Comics: Stand Alone Graphic Novels
1. Secret To Superhuman Strength by Alison Bechdel
2. On A Sunbeam by Tillie Walden
3. Heaven No Hell by Michael DeForge
4. Crisis Zone by Simon Hanselmann
5. Billionaires: The Lives Of The Rich And Powerful by Darryl Cunningham
6. Did You Hear What Eddie Gein Done Done? by Harold Schechter / Eric Powell
7. Too Tough To Die: An Aging Punx Anthology by Haleigh Buck / J.T. Yost
8. Bubble by Jordan Morris / Sarah Morgan / Tony Cliff / Natalie Riess
9. Trots & Bonnie by Shary Flenniken
10. Sweet Tooth Compendium by Jeff Lemire
11. A People's History of American Empire by  Howard Zinn / Paul Buhle / Mike Konopacki
12. Mycelium Wassonii by Brian Blomerth
13. Reckless: Friend Of The Devil by Ed Brubaker / Sean Phillips
14. Essential Dykes To Watch Out For by Alison Bechdel
15. American Cult: A Graphic History Of Religious Cults In America by various 

Atomic Books 2021 Best Selling Comics: Graphic Novel Series
1. Saga (Image) by Brian K. Vaughan / Fiona Staples
2. Adventure Zone (First Second) by Clint McElroy / Griffin McElroy / Justin McElroy / Travis McElroy / Carey Pietsch
3. Monstress (Image) by Marjorie M. Liu / Sana Takeda
4. Paper Girls (Image) by Brian K. Vaughan / Cliff Chiang
5. Sandman (DC Black Label) by Neil Gaiman / various
6. Invincible (Image) by Robert Kirkman / Ryan Ottley
7. Hellblazer (DC Black Label) by various
8. East Of West (Image) by Jonathan Hickman / Nick Dragotta
9. Tank Girl (Titan) by Alan Martin / various
10. Black Panther (Marvel) by Ta-Nehisi Coates / various
11. Descender (Image) by Jeff Lemire / Dustin Nguyen
12. Rat Queens (Image) by various
13. Wicked + Divine (Image) by Kieron Gillen / Jamie McKelvie
14. Gideon Falls (Image) by Jeff Lemire / Andrea Sorrentino
15. Seven To Eternity (Image) by Rick Remender / various
16. Deadly Class (Image) by Rick Remender / Wes Craig
17. Dawn Of X (Marvel) by Jonathan Hickman / various
18. Lulu Eightball (Atomic Books) by Emily Flake
19. Ms. Marvel (Marvel) by various
20. Sex Criminals (Image) by Matt Fraction / Chip Zdarsky
21. Doom Patrol (DC Black Label) by Grant Morrison / Richard Case
22. Batman (DC) by various
23. Hawkeye (Marvel) by various
24. Y The Last Man (DC Black Label) by Brian K. Vaughan / Pia Guerra
25. Umbrella Academy (Dark Horse) by Gerard Way / Gabriel Ba

Atomic Books 2021 Best Selling Comics: Underground/Alternative/Indie Series
1. Red Room (Fantagraphics) by Ed Piskor
2. Reptile House (Reptile House Comix) by various
3. Mini-Kus (Kus Comics) by various
4. Future (Boing Being) by Tommi Musturi
5. Acid Nun (self-published) by Corinne Halbert
6. Night Hunters (Floating World) by Dave Baker / Alexis Ziritt
7. Ghouls (self-published) by Josh Simmons
8. Love & Rockets (Fantagraphics) by Los Bros Hernandez
9. Psychodrama Illustrated (Fantagraphics) by Gilbert Hernandez
10. Santos Sisters (American Nature Comics) by Fake / Greg Petre
11. Grixly (self-published) by Nate McDonough
12. Ginseng Roots (Uncivilized) by Craig Thompson
13. Space Riders: Vortex (Black Mask) by Carlos Giffoni / Alexis Ziritt
14. Tongues (self-published) by Anders Nilsen
15. Ley Lines (Grindstone Comics) by various
16. I Feel Weird (Atomic Books) by Haleigh Buck
17. Vacuum Decay (self-published) edited by Harry Norlinger
18. Untranslated (Decadence Comcis) by Lando
19. Cash Grab (The Comix Company) by Aaron Lange
20. S! Baltic Comics Anthology (Kus Comics) by various

Atomic Books 2021 Best Selling Comics: Ongoing Mainstream Series
1. Future State (DC Comics) by various
2. X-Men (Marvel Comics) by Jonathan Hickman / various
3. Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel Comics) by various
4. Black Panther (Marvel Comics) by Ta-Nehisi Coates / various
5. MOM: Mother of Madness (Image Comics) by Emilia Clarke / Marguerite Bennett / Leila Leiz
6. Immortal Hulk (Marvel Comics) by Al Ewing / various
7. Wolverine (Marvel Comics) by Ben Percy / various
8. Batman (DC Comics) by James TynionIV / various
9. Black Hammer (Dark Horse) by Jeff Lemire / various
10. Eternals (Marvel Comics) by Kieron Gillen / Esad Ribic / various
11. Batman/Fortnite (DC Comics) by various
12. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Last Ronin (IDW Publishing) by Kevin Eastman / Andy Kuhn
13. Rorschach (DC Black Label) by Tom King / Jorge Fornes
14. Venom (Marvel Comics) by Donny Cates / various
15. X-Force (Marvel Comics) by  Ben Percy / various
16. Marauders (Marvel Comics) by Gerry Duggan / various
17. Soul Plumber (DC Comics) by Marcus Parks / Henry Zebrowski / Ben Kissel / John McCrea
18. Nightwing (DC Comics) by Tom Taylor / various
19. Excalibur (Marvel Comics) by Tini Howard / various
20. New Mutants (Marvel Comics) by Vita Ayala / various
21. Beta Ray Bill (Marvel Comics) by Daniel Warren Johnson
22. Daredevil (Marvel Comics) by Chip Zdarsky
23. Time Before Time (Image Comics) by Declan Shalvey / Rory McConville
24. Crossover (Image Comics) by Donny Cates / various
25. Strange Adventures (DC Black Label) by Tom King / Mitch Gerads
26. Nice House On The Lake (DC Black Label) by James TynionIV / Alvaro Martinez Bueno
27. Star Wars (Marvel Comics) by various
28. Justice League (DC Comics) by various
29. Blade Runner (Titan) by various
30. Green Lantern (DC Comics) by Geoffrey Thorne / various
31. Department of Truth (Image Comics) by James TynionIV / various
32. Batman Catwoman (DC Comics) by Tom King / various
33. Miles Morales: Spider-Man (Marvel Comics) by Saladin Ahmed / various
34. Captain America (Marvel Comics) by Ta-Nehisi Coates / various
35. Ascender (Image Comics) by Jeff Lemire / Dustin Nguyen
36. Hellions (Marvel Comics) by Zeb Wells / various
37. Detective Comics (DC Comics) by various
38. Sword (Marvel Comics) by Al Ewing / various
39. Rain Like Hammers (Image Comics) by Brandon Graham
40. Wonder Woman (DC Comics) by various
41. Dune: House Atreides (Boom! Studios) by Brian Herbet / Kevin J. Anderson / Dev Pramanik
42. Mazebook (Dark Horse) by Jeff Lemire
43. Good Asian (Image Comics) by Pornsak Pichetshote / various
44. X-Factor (Marvel Comcis) by Leah Williams / various
45. Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow (DC Black Label) by Tom King / Bilquis Evely


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