Thank you, Mystery Condom Person

I should start thinking more like a blogger.

Yesterday, I noticed a condom wrapper on our steps as I came in to open the store. "Weird," I thought. "I can't believe someone in this neighborhood actually used a condomn."

Then as I started to open the door, I found the condomn. It was on our door handle. Unused. Of course.

See, if I were thinking like a blogger, I would have taken a picture of it. Hell, I would have blogged this yesterday.

This is in no way an invitation for you good people to put used condomns on our door. If you do, I will NOT take a picture of it.


jayfish said…
possible explainations:

1. you caught your door in the act and his "girlfriend" ran off.
2. someone thinks your door handle isn't safe to touch.
3. someone doesn't know how to use a condom.

... maybe tomorrow you'll find a dildo.
Benn said…
Actually, my theory is that the condom was left by the kids who skateboard on our steps after we close to show their displeasure with me scrubbing the wax off the steps that they put on them to make them more "skateable".

Like they can grind. Please.

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