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Bring It On!

Posts will be sporadic for the next couple of weeks, I suspect, as we close out the year and bring in the new one. I am so ready for this year to come to a close. Not that the year was all bad, but let's see:

1. Lost my elbow falling down the stairs at the store, and was in so much pain I can't even remember how bad it was (Jeffrey Brown happened to be in town around that time, so he did that sympathy drawing). It's ok, I got it back. The elbow.

2. Lots of deaths, both family and friends.

3. Um, the Election?

Jeez, now that I've started this I realize that I could go on and on, but really, the list of good things is longer, and outweighs the bad. Ultimately, Atomic Books is still around and camped out in our little niche of the world, so it can't be too bad.

2005, here we come!

Merry Xmas

Who would ever have thought that there would be a NEW Murder Can Be Fun?

AND, reprinted Craphounds! With new Craphounds and a new Craphound book to come.

Mark Harp

Mark Harp, the perpetrator of this site and one of the magical inhabitants of 34th St, passed away last night.

See you there for the ball drop on New Year's Eve.

Safe and happy Holidays to everyone. We love you all.

Pop Culture Peeps

Ok, I went over to USA Today's Top 100 Pop Culture People List because Jessa Crispin of Bookslut was on the list, and frankly, that's amazingly great.

But check out this list! It freaks me out. USA TODAY! USA Today. They have 3 alternative comic artists on the list. 4 if you count Courtney Love.

I need more coffee.

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

Thanks for the handmade ornaments, Kat! They're perfect for our tiny store tree.

Save the Wire

Are you like me? Do you LURVE HBO's The Wire?

I just emailed them and informed them that when/if they cancel the BEST SHOW ON TV, that I will cancel HBO on the same day. They've got nothing left that I'm willing to pay for and watch as it airs. I can wait for CYE and Deadwood to come out on DVD and rent them. Maybe if I'm feeling masochistic I'll rent Carnival, too.

I'll just cancel cable. Netflix is the way to go. And they're blue, too!

More Winners

At the store, when you've filled up your Big Spender Card it goes in this big jar. From time to time we pick winners and they win a $15 giftcard and a little something something.

We've been lax with the pickings, so we did 10 all at once, just in time for some holiday fun.

And the winners are:

Stephen Janis
Charley Camp
Jessica Melusine
Tim Johnson
J B O'Day
Jon Darer
Stephen Phillips
Glen Breining
Jessica Carter
Wendy Weihs

Come on down! You've won the...oh wait, this ain't no game show.

Gift Cards

Our gift cards are all hand illustrated by local artists. They're wacky.

We should have gift coupons available online. Soonish.

All Your Cookies Are Belong To Us

Thanks to everyone who braved the weather yesterday to come to the Cookie Swap. Although the flu wiped out a good portion of our contestants we had some real winners this year:

Most Original - Lisa Harbin
Best Presentation - Kristen King

and Best Cookie went to Tanya Taylor!

What I Want

We've launched a new feature on our site. The Want List.

Just register and start adding stuff! Let us know how it works for you. We're still working out some kinks.

New Monsters

Don't you want to just put one under your pillow until it hatches?

Kick Out the Clams!

Once upon a time, a man had a dream. A dream about a rock opera. About Giant Clams.

And it was realized, 2 years ago. Here in Baltimore, at the Ottobar.

But now, you can take the dream home with you. Because it is now a DVD.

Money Shot

The lighting of the Washington Monument, downtown Baltimore, taken by eebmore.

You Could Be A Winner

Come by the store and enter to win a pair of tickets to "A John Waters Xmas" at the 9:30 Club, which takes place December 21st.

Season's Greetings


You Know We're Blue

Here's a handy shopping guide for stores you may want to support.

Thanks, Mike!

Flier Art

There are some pretty talented designers in this town. I'm always amazed at the time and effort put into local show fliers.

This one may just be the cream of the crop. I mean, just LOOK at it. You can't deny the power.

Schmoo Has Bones?

Character Study is an exhibit by Michael Paulus. 22 skeletal systems of current and past popular characters with transparent overlays.

XMas in Hampden

So of course, my batteries run out after a few pics. I didn't even get the Mayor!

But Maggie got some great shots and made this album on Flickr.

No One Ever Expects Bolivian Dancers

Especially in the Mayors Christmas Parade.

More photos to come!

Bargain Basement

For the rest of the weekends this month we're going to have the basement open for sale books. Mostly comics, lots of manga, single issues (even of Marvel stuff) and graphic novels, but also some other items that need to go pronto! We're running out of room here.

There's some strange finds down there. Like a pamphlet of Death showing you how to use a condomn with a banana. I don't understand what the deal is with the banana when Constantine is right there...

Ok, get your geek on!

Miracle on 34th Street

34th Street is up and running. You MUST see it to believe it.

And don't forget about the Mayors Christmas Parade this Sunday. Starts at 2pm. It's the freakiest Xmas parade ever and it's right here in Hampden.

So get your spiked hot cocoa ready and bring a chair and park yourself right in front of the store. We'll have our lounge open as well.

Elvis Tickets Have Left the Building!

People, people...why are you trying to get tickets to the Night of 100 Elvises just a day before the event??

We were sold out a mere 3 days after we got the tickets, weeks ago! Ok, then Galvanize gave us some of their leftover tickets the other day, but then they were gone within 24 hours.

This happens every year. You have to get your tickets as soon as we announce it. That's just the way it is.


Ok, we didn't finish no stinking novels. November kicked our asses. We knew it would.

Oh well, what's life without the impossible dreams?

Did any of you finish your novels?

Maybe we'll try it in March. At least I have a premise for my mystery novel all ready to go.