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Merry Happy!

We will be closed on Christmas Day.

Also on New Year's Day!

Happy Holidays everyone! Good will to all and Pees on Earth!

Wolverine Is An Indie Rocker

"Hi, I'm Wolverine. You may know me from superhero comics and movies, but I'd like to point out a few indie comics that I think you'll enjoy..."

Hmm, what else can we make cuddly wuddly Wolverine say?

Holiday Tradition

photo by curiouslee

Is it a tradition if you do it twice?

Does it feel like Xmas yet?

Actual Work Conversation


CCRG's Mobtown Maulers vs. CRG Allstars

Tickets are on sale now at Atomic Books!

Cash only!

Nice Photo!

The Examinerinterviewed Benn and this is our IM conversation about it:

atomicbenn: am i really that skinny?
sugarrooster: It's called a wide angle
sugarrooster: That's why your arms are so big
atomicbenn: damn you
atomicbenn: i am that skinny!
sugarrooster: I'm going to blog that

Holiday Music Doesn't Have To Suck

The worst part of the holidays? If you ask me, it's the music.

But it doesn't have to be. And each year, we have a few customers/friends who make us awesome holiday music mixes (thanks!) that prove the point!

Here's another example of some great music perfect for this time of year:

NEKO CASE - Christmas Card From a Hooker in Minneapolis [MP3]

Neko is covering a Tom Waits song. For more MP3s of holiday music that doesn't suck, check out the blog Podbop's ongoing series of posts, Crazy Christmas Mix.

You might also want to try these holiday music CDs in order to avoid the musical stylings of Mr. Burl Ives:

A John Waters Christmas (our copies come signed by John - while supplies last!)
Christmas Time Again by the dB's & friends
What I Really Want For Christmas by Brian Wilson
Songs For Christmas by Sufjan Stevens (sold out, but we're hoping to get more before Christmas)


Being in retail means not really having a life or going anywhere this time of year, but that's what my blogroll is for - to visit far away places through other people and see what's what in the world:

Emily Flake has left the country! At least for the Winter. I hope they don't ask her to leave like the Bush Twins

Guam is so delicious! Or at least TSOGB makes it seem that way.

Glitter Pissing's crafty life in Seattle is always fun to read.

Life in NoLa marches on and my friend, B, reports on all things, universal and personal.

Visit the strange world of Warren Ellis! He's watching you.

Ho Ho Ho


Friday Review - All Comics

Eric read Angry Youth Comix #12 by Johnny Ryan:

I was truly surprised at how much I liked this. I've followed AYC on and off for years, and always find it good for a few laughs and a few raised eyebrows, but this issue specifically seemed to operate on a much higher level. Maybe it's just that Johnny Ryan sustained a storyline (called Boobs Pooter's Joke-Pocalypse) for the entire issue instead of over just a few pages or panels, but in doing so he showcased his filthy sense of humor in the best possible light: as one situation bleeds into another, the storyline developes a dada logic to it that reminded me of both Slacker and the films of Luis Bunuel, albeit in the most disgusting and lowbrow way possible. Well worth a look, as long as you're ready for a 10 on the offensiveness scale.

Benn read a bunch of first issues:

Seems to be a lot of new series starting up, so I thought I'd tackle a bunch of first issues that have come out over the past week or so.

Batman Confide…

Darth Vader Loves Christmas

photo by Hannahchan

Uh, nothing says Xmas like Darth Vader...wait, that's not true.

You gotta love our Mayor's Christmas Parade (the 34th Annual this year). There's always something unbelieveably...odd.

For more traditional oddness, here's Underdog singing Silent Night with the Awkward Sounds of Scott & Skizz at the end of the parade.

The Wire Is So Awesome

Every other year or so, for a few months, my TV becomes a window into the city. A magic window where I get to be a fly on the wall from alleys to the Mayor's office.

The magic window is called The Wire and last night, I watched the Season Four Finale (in On Demand, it airs this coming Sunday) thinking that it was the last episode of the show. I was SO depressed this morning I actually cried (I know! Can you believe it? I'm not even hormonal right now). I knew this season would be a heartbreaker and it was.

But then I realized, wait, there's ONE MORE SEASON. I cheered up a little bit, but still, those kids..!

Slate interviews David Simon about the best show on television. Why is this show so incredibly awesome? Is it because so many of the show's writers are actually, you know, writers?

Atomic Knit Night at the Golden West Bar

Yes, we're moving Atomic Knit Night back to the Golden West Long Bar for the month of December, starting tomorrow night! Yes, the Golden West is now open Tuesday nights.


The Last Book

Our final Reading Club selection of the year is Black Hole. 15% off for the month as always.

City Lit Event Tonight

At MICA's Brown Center, Lit's Not Dead, doors open at 7pm!

Season 8 of Buffy

Buffy continues in comic form!

Holiday Hours

Starting today:

Atomic Books:
Sun 11-6pm
Mon - Sat 11-8pm

atomic POP:
Sun 11-5pm
Mon - Sat 11-7pm

And a new blog for POP!

Friday Review - Ok, It's Saturday

Rachel read The Crafter's Companion edited by Anna Torborg:

Do you really need another book of projects? Have you even finished anything in the last few months? Do you have thoughts like, "Why am I doing this? Why make stuff when I can just buy stuff?"

If you're like me, your crafting eyes are bigger than your stomach (perhaps it's some form of Obsessive Crafting Disorder). I'll never actually finish everything I want to do and it can become overwhelming and seemingly pointless.

So it's refreshing to have a book of, yes, more projects, but more importantly, glimpses into the work habits and work spaces of well known crafters from all over the world who'll re-inspire you as tell you why they do it.

Eric read The Road by Cormac McCarthy:

A real page-turner, telling the story of a man and his young son, two of the only survivors of an unnamed (but presumably Bush-related) cataclysmic disaster that wiped out most life on Earth. Together the two attempt to s…

Heroes For A Day

I don't know what your Thanksgiving plans are but we'll be playing an ample amount of Guitar Hero II.

And look! Brian Ralph has artwork in it. That dude is everywhere right now.

Holiday News & Notes

We will be closing early this Wednesday, 6pm, for both Atomic Books and atomic POP!

We will be closed for Thanksgiving.

This Saturday is the annual lighting ceremony for Hampden's Miracle on 34th Street (between Keswick and Chestnut). Happens after dark and I hear HGTV will be there to tape it for broadcast.

Also, there's only 4 weeks left to order from us online. December 18th is the last day you can order to get your stuff in time for Xmas (you'll be taking your chances with the 19th and the 20th depending on where you need your order shipped!).

We have a lot of great stuff in stock and still coming this month, but make your decisions now because a lot of the stuff we carry, as you know, isn't made in mass quantities, especially the art toys. Once they're gone they're gone.

Weekend Roundup

In the new expanded version of Hi, How Are You?, they have my photo of Daniel Johnston and Baby Doll. Aw! This edition has tons of new photos and updated info.

Benn was on Weekend America today, talking about hope and despair in Baltimore (at the very end of the 2nd hour). He also mentions that he's going to Putty Hill for Roller Derby.

Yes, we still have tickets left, but it's cash only!

Friday Review - Tough Love

Rachel reviews "I Heart Bmore" by NolenStrals (in the catalog soon, in POP right now!):

How many times have you wanted one of Nolen's designs on a tee? Well he's finally designed his own shirt, declaring his love for Baltimore. And it's the best kind of the love, with eyes wide open.

ETA: You can get one here!

Lauren read Graffiti Women by Nicholas Ganz:

Graffiti fascinates me. I often look at it and imagine that it was very exciting to create. I also wonder about what it says or means and find it interesting that some people look at it and speak that language, hear what the paint speaks.

It's always seemed like a male dominated field, though. Occasionally I will see a woman profiled in a magazine but mostly it's boys. As soon as this book hit the shelves I picked it up, and the book did not let me down. With over 200 female artists profiled, a combination of their work and biographies of the artists, and while these tags are also amazing art pieces, I wish t…

Have We Flooded Yet?

There's been crazy rain today. I'm pretending that I'm living in an aquarium as I look out the window.

Free Movie: The D

We want to help you see the new Tenacious D movie. For free.

We're giving out free passes to see:
Good for 2 people.
Time/Date: 7:30PM. Monday, Nov. 20.
AMC Loews White Marsh. Stop by Atomic Books and say you want a pass, and you get one. Er... while supplies last.

Friday Review - It's Like Spring

Eric read Wittgenstein's Mistress by David Markson:

I'm just getting into Markson, one of those authors who has a dedicated cult following, but remains a marginalized figure within the literary community. Apparently he started out writing pulp novels and a screenplay or two back in the 50s and 60s, and then popped back up with this abstract experimental "novel" -- and hasn't looked back since. This one's basically a collection of musings by a woman who either is the last person alive on Earth, or just believes that she is. She talks a little about the primitive post-apocalyptic life she's carved out for herself -- at times claiming to live in the middle of nowhere, and at other times in some of the more famous museums of the world -- but mostly she discusses the tragic lives and foibles of artists, musicians, and authors from antiquity to the present. Interesting patterns begin to emerge, as she's clearly fascinated with personalities who either won l…

'Ello Guv'ner!


Friday Review - God Again??

Benn read A Last Cry For Help by David Kiersh:

If you were disappointed to find The Hold Steady's album Boys And Girls In America to be little more than an evangelical morality play for kids instead of an intelligent look into the lives of teenagers, than David Kiersh's A Last Cry For Help will not let you down. All the angst is here, the creepiness, the danger, the bad decisions - it's just like the OC, except without the corporate indie rock soundtrack, the rich kids and the hateful characters. Okay, so maybe it's nothing like the OC. Twisted geeks, victimized wallflowers, villianous popular kids, dangerous bad boys - they're all here, presented in a series of seemingly unconnected tales of reoccurring characters that almost serve as a high school yearbook (or Facebook). Kiersh's bold-lines and clean, minimal but evocative artwork comes off like a grittier, slightly more detailed John Porcellino, and serves his subject matter well.

Lauren read The Children'…

A Whole Lot Of Elvis

It's that time of year again...Night of 100 Elvises. And we have tickets on sale now.

Drinking Club?

Ghost World is this month's Reading Club selection. As always, 15% off for the month.

And as is the new fashion, we meet at atomic POP, 3620 Falls Rd, last Wednesday of the month, starting at 7pm, and drink strange foreign liquors and see where the discussion takes us.

More Graphic Penguin Classics



How'd he get blood all over that banana?

Update: In the catalog now!

Happy Halloween

Ghost doll handmade by Dame Darcy. Check out her Doll Crafting DVD!

Who Doesn't Love Heavy Metal Parking Lot?

In Style, this month, in the section called "Where the Pros Shop on the Web, " Andy Spade lists us as a place to shop for dudes, pointing out that you can get Heavy Metal Parking Lot here.

We used to carry it exclusively but now you can even get it on Amazon. But whatever.

Amazon isn't having a whole night based on it this Saturday, Nov 4th, at the Ottobar. We'll be showing the film, Alan Hunter, one of the original MTV VJs, will give us his annual Hate the 80s Night video greeting and Keyboard Man hosts as a bunch of bands play all metal 80s!

Starts at 9pm!!

Friday Review - Boo!

Rachel read Magic for Beginners by Kelly Link:

Now out in paperback, this collection of short stories is totally spooky, clever and haunting. Even if you don't consider yourself a fan of fantasy or sci-fi, these stories will still charm you. Like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it's not so much the vampire mythology that hooks you as it is the characters, the writing and how real it feels and yet, yeah, there's magic in it.

Eric read Wax Poetics #19:

There's no better evidence that the hip-hop generation can age with dignity than Wax Poetics -- and after a few "themed" issues, with #19 they return to the variety that makes them such a great publication. The sumptuously detailed interviews dealing with such artists as Dr. Alimantado, Joe Bataan, and Azymuth are all lovingly conducted and rendered. As a Baltimorean, I wished the oral history of Baltimore club were a little more substantial, but as an introduction to the genre for the casually curious, it still works…

It's Like Book Week Or Something

photo by Baltimike

Hodgman was in town last night at UB. Tonight we'll have a slew of McSweeney's authors over at Pop.

Wednesday is our Reading Club meeting at Pop.

Thursday is Lord Whimsy and Dame Darcy.

Then it's Halloween. And we'll be giving out free comics to the kids who'll be trick or treating on the Avenue this Saturday! That's between 5-6pm.

I'm going to be a unicorn! Oh wait, that's not literary.

Fate Of The Pink Flamingo

Could this be the end for the classic Pink Flamingo lawn ornament?
(thanks for the link, ej winter!)

Boson Wins!

He won the figures and he's happy about it.

Thanks to everyone who came out last night!

Just minutes before our party the vinyl was finished.

Pop On The Radio

Tomorrow at Noon, you can hear Benn on The Signal, on WYPR, talking about the new store, the new book and whatever else they got out of him. Maybe he'll talk about his mustache.

Camille Rose Garcia Give Away

At our Grand Opening for Pop tomorrow night, which starts at 8pm, you can meet Brian Ralph, who'll be signing copies of his new book Daybreak. Also, you can hobnob with a lot of the artists and overheardsters (just made that up!) who contributed to our new book, I Keee You!!, and...

If you buy anything tomorrow, from the moment we open at 11am until 10pm, you'll be put into a drawing to win a WHOLE SET of Rose Camille Garcia Vinyl Figures. That's right, all four. Drawing will be around 10pm. You must be present to win.

So come on by! It's a party. There's drinks and stuff.

Lord Whimsy & Dame Darcy

Next Thursday, at POP, 7pm, Lord Whimsy shall delight us all with a reading from his Affected Provincial's Companion V1.

Dame Darcy is going to be there, too, signing all of herlatestreleases.

Her band Death by Doll will be playing at the Talking Head (203 Davis St) later that night with:
and more!

Come to our event first and get a $1 off the Head Show!

Time Marches On

Giants Camp closes.

Don't worry, if they're lucky, maybe they'll get an Olive Garden.

McSweeney's Night

Next Tuesday, Oct 24th, we'll have the author of The Children's Hospital, Chris Adrian, along with Kevin Moffett, Believer contributor, and Eli Horowitz, editor of McSweeney's. Issue 21 should be here any day now.

At POP, 7-9pm!

Books, Sort of

Too little too late is a laughable understatement. What you see here are 38 copies of our new book.

The title is too apt for how we feel about this whole book printing fiasco.

BUT they ARE here, and the rest should be here by our book party this Friday.

There are far worse printing disasters than just missing one of the biggest East Coast Small Press events. And we heard quite a few stories this past weekend, which was still fun even though we didn't have our new book and Flake flaked.


atomic POP opening and book party for I Keee You!! and Brian Ralph's Daybreak, Oct 20th 8-10pm.

Consider yourself invited!

Friday Review - 13th

Benn read Best American Comics 2006:

These days, the measure of any good comics anthology seems to be the Chris Ware-edited volume of McSweeney's 13. The early issues of Fantagraphics' Mome came close to recreating this greatness (although, sadly, recent issues seem to be a tad more inconsistent), and this newest edition to The Best American series, comes as close as any traditionally formatted book can get (McSweeney's has a knack for design that, though often imitated, is hard to surpass). Part of that might have to do with the fact that 3 of the stories here are compiled from McSweeney's, and 2 from Mome. The rest, as is the tradition of the Best American series, uses a multitude of quality source material. Editors Anne Elizabeth Moore and Harvey Pekar's selections are, as anyone familiar with Pekar's aesthetic, mostly reality-based. There are no representations of mainstream superhero greatness or Kramer's Ergot-style rich, indulgent artistic flourishes.…

Business Laments Lame Tag

When Atomic Books Office Manager, Margaret Sabo, 27, came in to work this morning, the last thing she expected was to see her building poorly tagged.

"It's just so badly done it's embarrassing," she scoffed. "He didn't even use Krylon. He left his can of Rustoleum SATIN. I use that on my lawn furniture."

Joseph Benson Ray IV, 38, co-owner of Atomic Books and also a cultural studies professor at Towson University remains baffled. "I just don't understand the style or the message. He's no Banksy."

Rachel Whang, 37, also a co-owner, says, "Call me when we have knittas."

The city is scheduled to remove the tag in one week.

SPX This Weekend!

This Friday starts SPX 2006 and we'll be there with our Lulu Eightballs and (Canadians willing) I Keee You!!

It's a giant room of comic artists and small indie publishers. Come say hi!

Decemberists Book Plate

The Decemberists sent us some book plates that we'll put in your orders for free!

Perfect for all the greatmusicbooks coming out right now.

Friday Review - Haiku II

Benn read SNAKEPIT #15 by Ben Snakepit:

When every other
city seems cooler than yours,
it is time to move.

Lisa read King Dork by Frank Portman:

Teen angst is still hip
A half-century after
Catcher in the Rye

Eric read American Splendor #1:

Vertigo debut--
huge Playstation ads aside,
Splendor's still the same

Rachel read The Collected Stories of Amy Hempel:

old sharp memories
lost souls held dear but not close
dogs are more loyal

Maggie drank Zombie Juice:

Zombie Juice is not
part of a healthy breakfast
Fizzy cherry pain

Grand Opening Party

October 20th, 8-10pm!

Atomic Knit Night Tonight

Knit Night is back on Tuesday nights, 7-9pm, at atomic POP, 3620 Falls Rd.

Come on by with any portable crafting you're working on.

Review Feature Dismantled

We've taken down our review feature on our Atomic Books site because we've encountered some major technical difficulties. Like the fact that it led Google to blank pages instead of actual items in our catalog.

We doubt it will be back. Most of your reviews were for Cialis anyway.

Ok, some of them were for Viagra.

Last Minute Book Switch!

Well it looks like Cinderalla is between printings right now so we'll have to switch out the Reading Club selection to Palestine.

As always, 15% off for the month!

Events Galore

Besides the fact that it's everyone's birthday this coming month, we have events up the wazoo!

The Last Bout

In case you missed it, or you've never been to Roller Derby, The Sun does a pretty good job of giving you a taste with a mini documentary about the Championship Bout. Just click on the photo gallery on the right side.

Reading Club Moves

The discussion for Our Cancer Year, our selection for September, will be at atomic POP, 3620 Falls Rd, instead of Frazier's, tomorrow night at 7pm!

Got Stickers?

We have a magazine rack at atomic POP that we'd love to cover with your stickers! Send us your stickers!

3620 Falls Rd
Baltimore, MD 21211


photo by Randallart

Awesomest Weekend

photo by Superchou

That's your new Hampden Idol, Tony, giving some one on one attention to his fans.

So many great things happened this weekend:

Hampdenfest was amazing. Thanks to everyone for coming out and to all the supportive vendors and Hampden Merchants and superb bands for creating another great Hampdenfest. We had a little rain at first, but then the sun came out and so did the fun.

Thanks to everyone who came out and saw our new shop, Atomic Pop. We'll announce our grand opening party soon!

Oh and we also saw Mary Alice, from Ace of Cakes. Their show was renewed for another season!

Our roller derby team, The Night Terrors, won the Championship yesterday!!!!! It was the most exciting roller coaster bout ever. We are the Champions!!

And they'll also be in an upcoming issue of Gothic Beauty. We'll have a magazine/victory party for them!

Our First Pop Customer

Brian Ralph was our first! His son brought his own balloon for the occassion.

Love Pop

We are not ready to open Atomic Pop...but we will! You have to open sometime and a store is always a work in progress. Nothing is ever done, ever finished. So why not open tomorrow, at Hampdenfest?

And we have a special present for the first 50 customers! You get a Dunny Series 3 figure free with your purchase! Who knows, you may also get a golden ticket and win the coveted Love Dunny.

Who will be our first customer?

Talk About The Weather

This is the time of year when we watch the weather.

Cross your fingers, kids! Hampdenfest goes on rain or shine.

Like Action Figures?

The question we've been getting a lot lately, from people who aren't familiar with the concept of our new store, Atomic Pop, when we say that we're carrying more art toys is:

"Like action figures?"


I think the most distinct difference between the action figure and the art toy is that action figures are mass produced licensed characters from some other medium (tv, comics, movies, etc).

Art toys are simply creations/characters unto themselves. Sometimes they expand into comics and books of their own, but they didn't start there. They are made in much smaller quantities, some made partially or even all by hand.

Of course there are always exceptions to the rule and we are by no means shunningactionfigures. They're just going to stay at Atomic Books.


From the creators of Make comes Craft! We'll have the premiere issue when it debuts in October.

It's one of those is-it-a-book-or-is-it-a-magazine type publications with a heftier price, but it's like a who's who of today's craftsters with a ton of interesting projects that you'll want to keep as a reference forever.

I. Can't. Wait.

Friday Review - Just The Ls

Lisa read Little Lulu Color Special by John Stanley and Irving Tripp:

That Little Lulu! She's quite a character. She's sassy but not obnoxious. Clever but not infallible. And, although she clearly is not a modern creation (I mean, Lulu and her friends run all over town unscheduled and unsupervised), her stories are just as amusing now as they must have been when she debuted 60+ years ago. And Lulu's world is presented in gorgeously vibrant color in this special collection.

Wearing her little red dress and pushing her ever-present doll carriage she invents her way out of scrapes involving her nemeses but also best friends in the boy's only club and real, incompetent truant officers and imaginary, incompetent witches. She's not the smartest kid in school and she owns up to not being a beauty but she is resourceful and confident and mostly kind to her friends.

I keep thinking that having Little Lulu on his side would have done the main character in the last book I read…

Hampden Idol Tryouts Cancelled Tonight

Keyboard Man has come down with the flu! So tryouts tonight at the Hon Bar is cancelled.

Get better KM!

The Labbits Don't Stop

Still busy working on opening the new store.

Plastic & Plush

Along with the current art toy explosion is a parallel boom of art toy books!

We can't wait to get our hands on these, all of which should be out this Fall/Winter:

I Am Plastic
Dot Dot Dash
Plastic Culture
Friends With You
Visionaire #50: Artists Toys

Also, Vinyl Will Kill is now available just as a book. And if you'd like a smaller catalogy overview type book Toys: MTV Overground V3 is a great place to start.

Since most art toys are made in editions of just a few hundred to a few thousand, these books are a great way to get a piece of even long sold out toys.

Just Like That, Summer's Over

We will be closing early tomorrow, for Labor Day. 3 pm!

This month's Reading Club pick is Our Cancer Year and is as always 15% off for the month.

Friday Review - Back to School

Winning Catalog Review is from Nolen for B. Krigstein Comics:

B. Krigstein has been an overlooked master of the comics medium and Fantagraphics really does him justice in this hefty volume. This is one of the best comic reprints I've seen, because the stories have been (for the most part) reproduced with the original colors and not redone digitally, so the pages look how they did originally. At a quick glance, his art seems typical, but upon a closer reading, individual panels, or sets of panels, could easily stand as a masterpieces on their own for the composition, rendering, and emotional impact. Well worth the price."

Eric read Blindness and Seeing:

I've been reading at a madman's pace this year, and my most shattering discovery has got to be Portuguese novelist Jose Saramago -- particularly his mid-'90s masterpiece Blindness. Blindness immediately thrusts us into the action: an unnamed European metropolis falls prey to a mysterious plague of blindness, beginning …

Long Ago And Oh So Faraway

Ok, not so long ago, we started getting excited about the fact that we could finally get in some of the super cool little toys from Asia, made by comic artists and other visionary creators. Even before we opened the store in Hampden (2001) we would see the craziest, cutest toys...but only online or on ebay. Importing was difficult and expensive.

But not anymore! Not only is it easier for us to get the cool toys but some of the companies are finally marketing and distributing to America themselves.

Re-ment's Puchi Petites, the American version, has just launched, and we're the only East Coast store to carry them right now. Unfortunately, we're not allowed to sell them online, but soon!

What are they?

They're a collectible art form: scaled down fake foods and accessories, individually handpainted! Great accoutrements for your Blythes and Pullips, or simply just for admiring. Because who doesn't love fake food?

Daily Dunny

I could post a dunny every day but that's not what this is about.

This is about The Daily Show Dunny that will be signed by Jon Stewart and part of a charity auction. Sept 7th, this and other customized Dunnys and Fatcaps go on ebay!

Reading Club Tonight

Looks like our new space isn't quite ready for the Reading Club, so it'll be Frazier's tonight at 7pm, one last time!

See you there! We're going to tear Jimmy Corrigan apart! Maybe.

Rare John Waters Ephemera

Next weekend is the Baltimore Summer Antiques Show at the Baltimore Convention Center.

Among the hundreds of international antiques dealers (of which are 60 antiquarian book dealers) will be Lux Mentis, a rare books dealer who will have on hand "a range of material from Premiere posters for Pink Flamingos and Dangerous Living (the original Baltimore version, not the common general release), a set of photographs by Lawrence Irvine from the set/shooting of Pink Flamingos, original printed ephemera from PF (the 'Midnight' frontpage showing Divine voted 'Filthiest Person Alive')" among other John Waters related items.

Pre-Hampden Idol

Tonight, at Molly's will be another round of Hampden Idol tryouts!

But don't fret if you can't make it. JUST announced:

The TRUE FINAL round of try outs will be at the Hon Bar, 10pm, September 8th!

Ready? Set! Review!

We've turned on reviews in our online catalog. Now you can write a blurb about that thing you just bought and what you thought of it. Maybe about an author you love or a band that disappointed you.

Like this. But perhaps more specific.

All reviews will need to be approved by us before they'll be public, but that's just to weed out spammers and random potty mouthiness.

To get you into the mood we'll be giving away $25 in store credit for the "review of the week" and post it with our Friday Reviews on our blog. Be sure to sign your review!

Reviews need to be short and sweet, though. Sorry, we don't have room for manifestos.

Tattoo Summer

Lauren's latest tattoo, also inspired by an artist she espied in a magazine at the store.

1000 Tattoos is back in print again! Tattoo Summer is almost over, what did you get?

Top 20 Keyword Searches For Our Blog

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"show me yours"

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"dogwood cafe baltimore"

"racoon bone"

"racoon penis"

The Metal Years

Mark your calendars for November 4th because that's when we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Heavy Metal Parking Lot with an ALL METAL I Hate the 80s Night! At the Ottobar! Hosted by Keyboard Man!

HMPL cast alumni and their band! An MTV VJ from the 80s?

More info coming soon!!

DVD Pizza Party

Well, we had more people than we had anticipated at our Wholphin Screening! It was fun and we'll make it a regularly occuring event after we work some kinks out (the lights/power set up is strange in the new place and I'm sure once we actually have furniture the sound won't be as boomy).

Also next time, more vegetarian pizza.

For those of you who came and saw Josh Slates' latest (out now on DVD!), can you really get this song out of your head? I can't.

Full Of Possibilities

It's all painted and empty. Perfect for a video party!

Tomorrow night, McSweeney's will be sending Matthew's Pizzas and we'll be stocking the beer. 8pm!

We'll watch some stuff by Skizz and Josh Slates and some choice selections from Wholphin 2!

Horror! Zombies!

This weekend is Horrorfind, going on right now.

And don't forget the Zombie Prom, next week, August 18th.

Atomic Pop

It's all empty now...but coming soon - Atomic Pop!

What: We'll be carrying more of the indie/DIY arts and crafts that we have in the store, more contemporary art books, artist books and handmade zines, more original comic art, an expanded collection of art toys and pop culture items from Asia.

When: Grand Opening in October. Sneek Peek at Hampdenfest!

Where: 3620 Falls Rd. Next door to doubledutch Boutique.

Wholphin Screening Party

Hey, we're having a Wholphin Screening Party and McSweeney's is going to bring the pizza. Next Thursday, the 17th, 8pm, in our new space, 3620 Falls Rd.

We're also going to have a few film shorts from local filmmakers and debut Josh Slates' DVD, Ponkutsu Park!

Also, later on that night, Duff's new show, Ace of Cakes, debuts on the Food Network at 10:30pm. An impromptu screening party may happen at Dizzy's.

Believe It

You find the craziest things in the Believer.

Benn found a tattoo.

(Thanks to Bill from the Baltimore Tattoo Musuem!)

Try To Do This With The Internet

See, books are better!


photo by feedmesoup

It has begun!

The Smartest Reading Club On Earth

Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth is our Reading Club pick for this month. As always, it's 15% off and we'll be meeting the last Wednesday of the month to discuss.

But this time, instead of Frazier's, we'll be meeting in the new Atomic Pop space. 7pm, more details to come!

Comics Aren't Just For Kids Article #1756

Oh those wacky mainstream journalists! They've discovered comics. Again.

But when explaining/defending the greatness of comics, people often say strange things.

"[Terry] Moore told, "This is a really great industry to find America's best short story writers right now because where else are you going to find them?" about a bookstore? Just a thought. It's not like we're in a shortstoryfaminethisyear.

(via largehearted boy)

What Would Jesus Think?

The hatemail sent to the author of the Gospel of the FSM.

boingboing has some choice selections.

"people like you are scum, I hope you die by the hands of some sick perverted guy who will skullfuck you and then use your skin to make lampshades."

Jesus should have skipped the turning-the-other-cheek thing (since that didn't really take) and taught his followers something about having a sense of humor.

Hampdenfest 06

September 16th!

If you plan on competing in Hampden Idol come by to Molly's this Friday, the 4th, for the preliminary rounds!

Ah Friday...when the temperatures will be in the comparatively chilly low 90s!

Skates On A Plane

It's time for Rollercon so our Charm City Roller Girls are in Vegas! Have fun, ladies!

In 50 Years, Baltimore Will Be Under Water

Penguin Books has started a blog, the first "major" publisher to do so.

I'm this the end of publishing or the end of blogs?

Or just the end of the world?

I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours

How's your To Read Pile?

With new books coming in every day, sometimes even every few hours, it's a losing battle. But I don't mind.

Comic Con 2006 Recap

illustration by grickily

Remember when Comic Cons were about...oh I don't know...comics?!

Now they have live tv coverage (G4tv) and a parade of movie stars with toys and video game showcases.

These people went, so we didn't have to:

Comic Con Pool
Patton Oswalt's Comic Con Overheards

Obsessive Consumption

Kate Bingaman has been documenting and illustrating her purchases and the corresponding debt for a few years now. She's creating art and commentary about our overwhelming consumer culture from the inside.

And now it's in zine form!

Nerd Prom 2006

Pick me up something special at Nerd Prom this week!

The cameraphone photos should be starting up soon on flickr.

First Klingon sighting wins!

Heat Index

Due to the heat (heat index of 105 supposedly) and some work being done in the store we'll be closing early tonight - 6pm!

Coming Soon!

Everyone's on pins and needles!

That's my Heidi Klum impersonation. Yeah, it's good.

The Avenue is bursting with new shops and shops about to open:

Chelle' Paperie is now open, in the old Nouveau Interiors location.

Our Dogwood Cafe - a new smoothie bar and natural deli is on the verge of opening, underneath Bikram Yoga. They'll expand into a full restaurant in the Fall.

Rocket to Venus - a new bar and restaurant in the old Showalter's location, based on the rocket launched to Venus (unsuccessfully) here in Hampden back in the early 20th century.

In the newly renovated Hampden Hall:
Sprout - Rachael Epstein's new salon (she's been doing our hair for years!)
Red Tree - promising electic home furnishings and accessories
HoneyBee Haven - candle shop and gifts
Suntrust Bank

And lots of moving around:
New System Bakery, which has been here for over 85 years, has reopened on Chestnut! They're serving breakfast now!

Heavens to Betsy! has moved to Elm, just off the Ave…

July 23rd Bout


We Are Saved

Whether you think of Baltimore as the biggest northernmost southern city or the biggest southernmost northern city, one thing remains true - it is fucking hot in the Summertime.

Thanks to Darwin and Cheryl (our landlord's handy people) we have a new unit (Unit #2) installed in no time flat. And just in time.

And yes, it's the humidity! Moisture is not good for paper. And right now the air is so thick it's like you're swimming.

Everyone Loves Conjoined Twins

You can see this painting and more work by Nina Friday down the street at Paradiso (1015 W 36th St) right now.

There's also a slew of conjoined twins books out this year, but thesetwo are your best bets.

Palace Of Wonders

The Grand Opening of The Palace of Wonders is this weekend, starting tonight!

Keyboard Man Returns

Hampden Idol preliminaries are starting next week at Molly's!

Hampdenfest is in 2 months!! Practice makes karaoke!

We Love Our Freedom

We will be closed tomorrow!

This Tuesday break would be a good time to start the Shank Reading Club Selection for July, which is My New York Diary by Julie Doucet. And it's 15% off for the month.

Summer Fun In Baltimore

"I'm visiting Baltimore this Summer. Can you tell me where I should go and what I should see?"

Yes! Just check out our links page! Chock full of festivals and people and places!

2006 Mid-Atlantic Radical Bookfair

Starts this weekend, and we'll be set up there! Come by Center Stage and say hi!

Did You Know?

Did you know that you can always email or IM us to special order something, ask us to hold a book for you for store pick up, check on stock or just ask us any ol' question?

Well you can.

Don't go crazy now.

Found's 5th

Can you believe Found Magazine is having its Fifth Birthday this week?

It was our fifth anniversary here in Hampden this past Spring. Found was our first event in this location back in November of 2001.

It's like we FOUND each other. Get it? huh? ok.


Summer is upon us. In Baltimore it means holing up with some strong AC and reading some easy breezy books to take you away from the humidity hell outside.

I'm finishing up Nasty Bits (which isn't nasty at all but it is bit-ty), just in time for No Good Deeds which is out next Tuesday! I can be all about Baltimore without having to actually go outside, and I'll be done with that way before Soul Kitchen comes out in July (ugh, it's even more disgustingly humid in New Orleans, but yay! more chef and restaurant adventures!).

Summer's overrated. Overrated is not.

And have you read Monster Island yet? Now's a good time since the sequel comes out in the Fall!

Well, that's the real reason to hole up. Zombies.

Inner Harbor Zombies

photo by MemiorAndie

You can't go anywhere these days without running into zombies.

Ponkutsu Park TONIGHT!

11:30pm at the Charles Theater, tonight, will be a free screening of Josh Slate's latest film short Ponkutsu Park. Free beer, too!

No Ducky

Unfortunately, we have to cancel Ducky Doolittle's book signing for this coming Tuesday. Some asshole stole her luggage in San Francisco, which included her laptop. So her tour has been kind of frozen for the forseeable future.

We're sad but there's always next time!

Peter Zahorecz

There will be a Memorial for Peter Zahorecz this Sunday, 11am at Druid Hill Park.

Contact Nancy about donations for the Memorial or if you have any photos of Peter.