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Merry Happy!

We will be closed on Christmas Day.

Also on New Year's Day!

Happy Holidays everyone! Good will to all and Pees on Earth!

Wolverine Is An Indie Rocker

"Hi, I'm Wolverine. You may know me from superhero comics and movies, but I'd like to point out a few indie comics that I think you'll enjoy..."

Hmm, what else can we make cuddly wuddly Wolverine say?

Holiday Tradition

photo by curiouslee

Is it a tradition if you do it twice?

Does it feel like Xmas yet?

Actual Work Conversation


CCRG's Mobtown Maulers vs. CRG Allstars

Tickets are on sale now at Atomic Books!

Cash only!

Nice Photo!

The Examinerinterviewed Benn and this is our IM conversation about it:

atomicbenn: am i really that skinny?
sugarrooster: It's called a wide angle
sugarrooster: That's why your arms are so big
atomicbenn: damn you
atomicbenn: i am that skinny!
sugarrooster: I'm going to blog that

Holiday Music Doesn't Have To Suck

The worst part of the holidays? If you ask me, it's the music.

But it doesn't have to be. And each year, we have a few customers/friends who make us awesome holiday music mixes (thanks!) that prove the point!

Here's another example of some great music perfect for this time of year:

NEKO CASE - Christmas Card From a Hooker in Minneapolis [MP3]

Neko is covering a Tom Waits song. For more MP3s of holiday music that doesn't suck, check out the blog Podbop's ongoing series of posts, Crazy Christmas Mix.

You might also want to try these holiday music CDs in order to avoid the musical stylings of Mr. Burl Ives:

A John Waters Christmas (our copies come signed by John - while supplies last!)
Christmas Time Again by the dB's & friends
What I Really Want For Christmas by Brian Wilson
Songs For Christmas by Sufjan Stevens (sold out, but we're hoping to get more before Christmas)


Being in retail means not really having a life or going anywhere this time of year, but that's what my blogroll is for - to visit far away places through other people and see what's what in the world:

Emily Flake has left the country! At least for the Winter. I hope they don't ask her to leave like the Bush Twins

Guam is so delicious! Or at least TSOGB makes it seem that way.

Glitter Pissing's crafty life in Seattle is always fun to read.

Life in NoLa marches on and my friend, B, reports on all things, universal and personal.

Visit the strange world of Warren Ellis! He's watching you.

Ho Ho Ho


Friday Review - All Comics

Eric read Angry Youth Comix #12 by Johnny Ryan:

I was truly surprised at how much I liked this. I've followed AYC on and off for years, and always find it good for a few laughs and a few raised eyebrows, but this issue specifically seemed to operate on a much higher level. Maybe it's just that Johnny Ryan sustained a storyline (called Boobs Pooter's Joke-Pocalypse) for the entire issue instead of over just a few pages or panels, but in doing so he showcased his filthy sense of humor in the best possible light: as one situation bleeds into another, the storyline developes a dada logic to it that reminded me of both Slacker and the films of Luis Bunuel, albeit in the most disgusting and lowbrow way possible. Well worth a look, as long as you're ready for a 10 on the offensiveness scale.

Benn read a bunch of first issues:

Seems to be a lot of new series starting up, so I thought I'd tackle a bunch of first issues that have come out over the past week or so.

Batman Confide…

Darth Vader Loves Christmas

photo by Hannahchan

Uh, nothing says Xmas like Darth Vader...wait, that's not true.

You gotta love our Mayor's Christmas Parade (the 34th Annual this year). There's always something unbelieveably...odd.

For more traditional oddness, here's Underdog singing Silent Night with the Awkward Sounds of Scott & Skizz at the end of the parade.

The Wire Is So Awesome

Every other year or so, for a few months, my TV becomes a window into the city. A magic window where I get to be a fly on the wall from alleys to the Mayor's office.

The magic window is called The Wire and last night, I watched the Season Four Finale (in On Demand, it airs this coming Sunday) thinking that it was the last episode of the show. I was SO depressed this morning I actually cried (I know! Can you believe it? I'm not even hormonal right now). I knew this season would be a heartbreaker and it was.

But then I realized, wait, there's ONE MORE SEASON. I cheered up a little bit, but still, those kids..!

Slate interviews David Simon about the best show on television. Why is this show so incredibly awesome? Is it because so many of the show's writers are actually, you know, writers?

Atomic Knit Night at the Golden West Bar

Yes, we're moving Atomic Knit Night back to the Golden West Long Bar for the month of December, starting tomorrow night! Yes, the Golden West is now open Tuesday nights.


The Last Book

Our final Reading Club selection of the year is Black Hole. 15% off for the month as always.