lookatthisdog, originally uploaded by sugarfreak.

From our friend, Geoff Brown, who is looking for leads on a story he's doing about this flyer that I took a photo of, lo, these many years (ok, it's been 2 years. But in internet time that's like decades.). Hook a reporter up!

"If the words 'dog' and 'awesome' and 'expensive' and 'Xerxes' apply to a certain thing you made back in 2007, I'd like the chance to interview you for a local public radio piece. Will need to prove/convince me of authorship. Any leads appreciated. Respond to: Geoff Brown at zombiegoffATverizon.net. Thanks."


Anonymous said…
There's a similar poster that looks like this:


Have you seen this cat

[picture of a weird looking wild cat]

because it is awesome.

Chuck said…
I have seen this cat poster. Mine is better.
wuselhead said…
Thanks to "The Signal" for an awesome dog story.

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