Celebrated Summer Joins The Atomic Books Family

For those not in the know, this Saturday is a special day for music fans. It's Record Store Day!

Modifying the Free Comic Book Day celebration concept (which is coming up on Saturday May 1 - and aside from several dozen different free titles we'll be giving out, we'll also be publishing the second issue of Mutant!, plus tons of sale stuff and special comics, etc.), Record Store Day is:
...a celebration of the unique culture surrounding over 700 independently owned record stores in the USA, and hundreds of similar stores internationally.

This is the one day that all of the independently owned record stores come together with artists to celebrate the art of music. Special vinyl and CD releases and various promotional products are made exclusively for the day and hundreds of artists in the United States and in various countries across the globe make special appearances and performances.
So what this means for us is this year we'll get up early and trek over to our favorite record shop, Celebrated Summer (masterfully run by our friend Tony Pence) and try to score at the very least a Dum Dum Girls and a Beach House single.

But next year, we won't have to go very far to get some great stuff on Record Store Day, because Celebrated Summer is teaming up with Atomic Books and opening in the back of our store where we've had an abundance of space just waiting for us to do something with.

Atomic Books and music has a history of going hand-in-hand. Years ago we shared space with our pals at Modern Music. And now, in July, we'll be expanding our music selection dramatically as Celebrated Summer joins our team and helps us in our celebration of antiquated but fetishized forms of content delivery (or as Rachel calls it, "old man media").

Happy Record Store Day!

And stay tuned!


mike wolf said…
this is pretty great, let me know if you guys want to do an opening show @ ccas

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