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Atomic Books T-Shirt Contest Winner

So we just ran a new Atomic Books T-Shirt Contest. Our judges narrowed down the designs to 3 choices - an outer space design by Box Brown, a Moebius tribute by Mike Shea, and two mustachioed gentlemen engaged in fisticuffs by Noah Van Sciver.

We then opened up the voting at our Retro Atomic 20 Years of Atomic Books Art show. The voting was fast and furious, and the ballots were counted and recounted.

We're pleased to announce the winner of the year's t-shirt contest is Noah Van Sciver's design.

We'll be making a limited edition batch of these, which should be available by the end of May. But you can pre-order now to make sure you reserve yourself one because once these are gone, they are gone.

Thanks to everyone who voted, and double thanks to everyone who turned in designs, many of which would make a fine shirt, but there can be only one winner.

Record Store Day 2012

Record Store Day - is this awesome thing where a bunch of bands and labels release limited edition special pressings of records that go on sale on that day to celebrate and support independent record stores.

Record Store Day is this Saturday, April 21. Numerous record stores throughout the area will be participating, including Celebrated Summer Records.

There will be free donuts and vegan cupcakes (courtesy of our pals at Golden West Cafe) when the record store opens at 11AM on Saturday.

To keep up with all the titles they'll be offering, visit the CSR Facebook page where Tony is posting updates.

So far, you'll be able to buy (while supplies last):
INTEGRITY- Palm Sunday LP (white vinyl + Poster) (organized Crime Records) We are proud to be the ONLY store on the East Coast to bring you this amazing live recording of the infamous INTEGRITY from 1992! (the other stores this will be available at are Reckless Records in Chicago and TKO in California)

PEACE 7-inch (React! Records)…

Atomic's Beer Brewer In Mojo

In the current issue of Mojo (#222), there's an article about our pals over at Burnt Hickory Brewery.
"...we got a special jolt of shivers down the spine and goose pimples - not unlike having ones' first slug of barley wine as a teen, in a bus shelter - at the news that Burnt Hickory micro-brewery of Kennesaw, Georgia was making beer for Wisconsin sludge cards Killdozer. Burnt Hickory's Scott Hedeen adds they've also made ales for The Germs, Jesus Lizard, Die Kreuzen and more."That "and more" also includes 2 batches of house brew for Atomic Books.

Unfortunately, we've drunk it all.

Be sure to like Burnt Hickory on Facebook for news & updates. 

(And tell them to make us more beer!)

Atomic Fiction Series Presents Sententia 4 - Tonight

Thursday, April 12. 7-9PM.

The Atomic Fiction Series is back and now in a new "talk show" format tonight to celebrate the release of the new volume of Sententia.

Join local authors Betsy Boyd, Kathy Flann, Jen Grow, and Elise Levine as they discuss their stories appearing in Sententia 4: What She Says, guest edited by Jen Michalski.
Facebook RSVP.

Adult refreshments will be served.

Al Burian & Mickey Hess Tonight At Atomic

Monday, April 9. 7-9PM.

Al Burian will be here to discuss and read from the new issue of his acclaimed zine, Burn Collector.
"Burian is one of our generation's great storytellers, a wily and insightful observer of the human condition." - Davy Rothbart of Found Magazine. Joining him will be author Mickey Hess, who will be reading from his new novel The Nostalgia Echo and also presenting his other new book The Novelist & The Rapper (the first book to sample hip-hop interviews, Nobel Prize speeches, and Colonel Sanders' autobiography).
"THE NOSTALGIA ECHO is the best book you will read this year, or any year: the exact antidote to all those tired, humorless, beige-colored novels of recent memory, the writing here pops with both a dazzling intelligence and a devastating depth of character. Mr. Hess carries on in the great tradition of Vonnegut, D. Barthelme, and every other genius literary madman."—Joe Meno Adult refreshments will be served.

Facebook RSVP.

Easter Holiday Hours

Happy Easter, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. We'll be open from 11am-2pm this Sunday!