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Holiday Hours

For Books and POP:

Xmas Eve - 11am to 6pm
Closed on Xmas Day

New Year's Eve - 11am to 6pm
Closed on New Year's Day

Best Comics Of 2007 Lists

The Daily Crosshatch has compiled some Best of Lists from a wide and interesting group of indie comic pros.

Big Xmas Finish

Still looking for just the right gifts even though you're beginning to panic?

Here's a few ideas:

1. The Dark Page - for the noir film and book buff, a beautifully produced coffee table book filled with exquisite oversized reproductions of all the first edition covers of the original title that was turned into a noir film.

2. Visionaire: Sound - for the music & art & lit & novelty fiend.

3. Cactus Pups - omg! sooooo cute! sooooo teeny! sooooo lead free!

4. Fart Party's not about farting. But most everyone gets over that initial disappointment and digs it. And we totally published it!

5. The Cinema Sewer book is out and it's awesome!

6. Julie Doucet says she doesn't make comics anymore. Whatever, 365 Days just came in and I can't wait to read it! I mean look at it.

7. You could have a ChrisWareFest!

8. The Shank Movie is out on DVD - 89 Gator Mine! Benn plays a roadie in it and he's lookin' all David Crosby and is cussin and shit!

9. The Wire: Season …

Big Spender Winners

It's pull a Big Spender out of the bowl time!

That's right, you're a winner:

Jennifer Accardo
Sean Gallagher
Bill Watts
Chris Day
Matthew Bainbridge
Aley Enten
Karan Abernathy
K Megill
John Comer
Tom Patterson

Collect your giftcard at Atomic Books!


xmas07, originally uploaded by sugarfreak.

Look At These Cupcakes

cupcakesfromHanne, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. It's good to know writers who can bake and who will bring you the fruits of their many talents.

Thanks, Hanne, for the perfect Sunday treats!


toypunks_tag, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. Toypunks Showing tomorrow night at POP! Starts at 7pm.

Vintage Atomic Manual Device

vintageatomic, originally uploaded by sugarfreak.

The Golden Compass - The Movie

Ok, I admit it, I'm getting more and more excited about The Golden Compass, the movie.

Here's a great interview with Philip Pullman.

Pullman says that people who are tempted to take offence should first see the film or read the books. "They'll find a story that attacks such things as cruelty, oppression, intolerance, unkindness, narrow-mindedness, and celebrates love, kindness, open-mindedness, tolerance, curiosity, human intelligence. It's very hard to disagree with those. But people will."

Holiday Hours

First Friday is this week! We have the Toypunks showing over at POP.

Also starting Friday will be our holiday hours:

Mon - Sat: 11am - 8pm
Sun: 11am - 6pm

Friday Review - It Better Not Rain

Benn read Filter Magazine:

While I generally try to thumb through and keep up with all the music magazines that come through Atomic, there aren't many I read on a regular basis or read cover to cover. I mostly only thumb through to see who they're covering (it's easy to spot patterns and trends when looking at music magazine covers and who they mention on their covers), to see who they're reviewing, and to see what other things, like books, DVDs, video games, movies, etc., they mention.

By and large, real rock criticism is dead. And I tend to not be interested in reading interviews with artists whose art I like. I subscribe to the theory that goes: the last person in the world to fully understand the importance of a piece of work is the artist who created it. And older artists, having done so many interviews, tend to have their answers down pat, and younger artists... well, I'm not sure a 22 year old with a synthesizer is going to reveal much to me I didn't alrea…

Lone Wolf & Cub

Tonight is the discussion group for Lone Wolf & Cub at POP. Starts at 7pm!

The next and last book of the year for the Shank Reading Group is American Elf. It'll be for sale at 15% off for the month of December.

Brian Ralph

ihatemondaysprint, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. Unfortunately we just sold out of this silkscreen print by Brian Ralph...

Wow, this Monday really does suck!

The Magical Lights of Hampden

2005balldrop, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. The lights officially turn on tonight at 34th Street, Hampden, Baltimore, USA, Planet Earth!

Five For Five Faves Friday

Coolsville, MD

Dan Clowes, Art Spiegelman and Alan Moore on The Simpsons, as superheroes.

I haven't really kept up with the Simpsons in a while, but this episode killed.

And Jack Black's Korean wasn't bad.

30 Days of Xmas Shopping

I know, I know, you're just getting ready for Thanksgiving this week, but there are only 30 more days of online shopping you can do from us to get your orders in time for Xmas!! The cut off date is December 18th.

Also, many many items will be sold out way before then since a lot of what we carry are made in limited editions and also, it's freakin' Xmas, people! You know shit sells out.

Here's a distraction for your freak out. Well, it made me laugh.

Friday Review - Hungry Now

Rachel read Hungry Planet by Peter Menzel and Faith D'Aluisio:

Finally out in paperback, Hungry Planet was a favorite coffee table book around this time a couple of years ago. As a collection of photos of what families eat in one week all over the world (imagine family portraits only with everything they consume arranged all around them), it's a beautiful and fascinating peek into how we all live.

But in softcover I actually read it from cover to cover. All the short essays, write ups for each visited family and statistics for each country (a lot of other places aren't that far behind on obesity to the US) were just as captivating as the photos.

Benn read Closed Caption Comics #666 by the Closed Caption Comics Collective:

There's a quiet comics revolution going on here in Baltimore. By "quiet", I mean it doesn't get the same press/ink/comics media attention that Fort Thunder received, or that the current Brooklyn scene is getting or even the kids from The Cen…


We'll be closed on Thanksgiving (next Thursday - yeah! already!).

ETA: We will be closing early on Wednesday the 21st, at 6pm!

Friday Review - Giving Thanks

Rachel watched This Filthy World, by John Waters, directed by Jeff Garlin:

John Waters is an enlightened human being. He knows what really matters in life - friends, being productive, being yourself, and books. He's accomplished quite a bit with his life and his "lecture" is full of interesting anecdotes and great tips and advice for everything from filmmaking to child rearing, as well as just plain simple common sense rules like: "If you go home with somebody and they don't have books - don't fuck 'em."

Eamon read King-Cat #68 by John Porcellino:

I only started reading John Porcellino's King-Cat Comics this last year. I had been aware of it for awhile, but the drawings never caught my attention. When I actually gave it a chance I found out how much the drawings complement the stories. They're quiet, humble and often pretty funny. In issue 68 John examines an anthill, recounts life antidotes of philosopher Diogenes and pays homage to his recen…

Church of the Subgenius

Rev. Ivan Stang will be at atomic POP tomorrow, Saturday, Nov 10th, from 2-4pm! Books will be signed, rants will be ranted!

Shocked & Amazed

Shocked & Amazed Volume 9 is out! We'll get our copies in next week!

Tomorrow night, at the Lo-Fi, James Taylor and friends will be putting on a show!

Perry Bible Fellowship Book Release Party

perrybiblefellowship, première mise en ligne par sugarfreak.
The first collection of the Perry Bible Fellowship is here, and Nicholas Gurewitch will be at POP to sign copies on the 29th!

Knit Night

Starting next week, Knit Night will be back on at the Golden West Long Bar, which is right across the street from Atomic Books.

Tuesdays, 7-9pm!

TV Vacation

OMG, what will we do about the looming screenwriters strike??

Hmmm, you could spend more time on Guitar Hero III or playing a real banjo...or, oh yeah, catch up on your reading.

What Does Knitting Sound Like?

Experimental artist and musician, Laure Drogoul, talks about that with the Sun.

Come see her tomorrow at atomic POP!

Triple Your Pleasure

One, Two, Three - three events this weekend!

Burn Them Books... For Peace

On November 23rd, we're co-sponsoring a book burning at The Ottobar.

For peace.

Thanks For the Salami!


This Filthy World

thisfilthyworld, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. John Waters' new DVD This Filthy World go on sale this Tuesday. All of our stock, as usual, is signed by Waters.

Halloween News

Tomorrow there will be Halloween festivities in various stores up and down the Avenue ending with:

5PM-6PM - Trick or treating for the kids along the Avenue with participating merchants.

6:30-8PM - Annual Halloween Costume Contest (in front of Ma Petite Shoe @ 832 W. 36th St.)

Also, our Reading Club meeting will be postponed to the following Wednesday, Nov 7th (yes, Buffy and Reading Club the same night at the Hon Bar), since Halloween is that night.

Laziest costume in the world:

I'm a witch! Get it?? Yeah, that's all I got.

NYers Love A Fart Party

New York Magazine gives Fart Party a thumbs up!

And the internet loves dogs. Man, the power of boingboing is something. I was wondering where all those flickr views were coming from...

It's Time To Get Organized

planners, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. New Slingshot Organizers are here!

Also Moleskine planners and a 5 Year Diary, just to record your days - the same day on one page for 5 years!

The Art Of The Flier

lookatthisdog, originally uploaded by sugarfreak.

Reading Rainbow

bookshelf spectrum, revisited, originally uploaded by chotda.

3-in-One Weekend!

That's right! THREE events in one weekend of November!

First up:

Then it's the Shank produced movie, 89 Gator Mine by Josh Slates, 11:30pm, free at the Charles:

And finally on Saturday night:

Knit Night

Tomorrow at the Golden West bar, 7pm, there's gonna be some knittin' happenin'! Come on by!

It's only 80 degrees. I need to work on my Slytherin scarf for the upcoming non-winter season.


Who's more excited about the new Basil Wolvertoon book that just came in - Benn or Eamon?

No, really, who?

We Are The Champions...AGAIN!

The Night Terrors won their second Roller Derby Championship last night. Woooo!!!

Rosie the Rioter was awarded MVP. Yay Rosie!!

Check out the flickr pool for more upcoming photos.

Weekend Wrap Up

That's Julia with her whiskey in front of her, debuting her Fart Party book. And next to her is Sarah Glidden.

So SPX was fun, if a little overwhelming. It was my first time actually being behind a table instead of merely attending or buying. We got a lot of "What are you doing here?" since we got to table at the last minute and weren't in the program. Thanks for coming by and saying hi and buying our books!

Unfortunately I was pretty lazy with the photo taking, which is really lame since there were quite a few comic gods in attendance. I rarely get starstruck but as soon as I walked in I realized that Gilbert Hernandez was to my left and I kind of just became brain dead after that.

(The only other time I came that close to vomiting from awe was when Jim Jarmusch was in the store a while back.)

It's good to still feel that after all these years.

Oh, I got a pic of Ben Claassen III, though.

Also going on this weekend was NAIBA's Book Conference for Booksellers and…

Books & Bouts

Just a reminder that we are at SPX this weekend with our books! Emily Flake will be there tonight and Julia Wertz will be there both days. They'll be happy to sign your books and make with the chitchat, so come by and say hi!

And this Sunday is the Charm City Rollergirls Championship Bout! General admission tickets are still available here at Atomic Books (remember cash only!).

Go Night Terrors!!!

Make Me America



Next weekend is SPX in Bethesda. The Atomic Book Company will be there with our latest book, The Fart Party, and Julia Wertz will be there to sign copies.

Emily Flake will also be at our table (on Friday only), E16!

Internet, My Old Friend

I was going through all my bookmarks the other day and doing a mass purging. But this one I'll never delete. Or this. Or this.

Since I spent so much time tidying up I decided to waste some time starting one of those Facebook profiles. Old friends are coming out of the woodwork! If there was some kind of award for opening-letter-writing-from-long-lost-friends, she'd win the grand prize.

And just to get back to books...the Stephen Colbert Hates Bears flickr group is about to celebrate its one year anniversary. And it coincides with his new book, I Am America (And So Can You).

Best American Comics 2007

Best American Comics 2007, edited by Chris Ware and Anne Elizabeth Moore, lists our own Eamon Espey's Worm Dye as one of the 100 Distinguished Comics from 2005-2006!

Eric Reynolds Interview

Interview with Eric Reynolds on MOME, one of our favorite comic anthology series, in Bookslut's Indie Heartthrob Series.

Alas, no head shot of Reynolds, a la Tiger Beat.

October Reading Clubs

This month's Reading Club selection is The Ring. Oooo, and this month's discussion night falls on Halloween. Oooooo! We may have to change that so check back.

Also, this week, a new Buffy! We'll be meeting at the Hon Bar, 7pm, for the read-a-long.

Rock Jokes

All you need is a banana.

Dunny 4

They're here! On sale at 11am today over at POP!!

Writers, Readers & Readings

Baltimore Book Festival is this weekend! Paul Karasik will be there for a panel discussion on comics. And we'll finally have more copies of his book back in the store and hopefully signed! It's been sold out for months!

So, you're a writer going on tour? You know what awaits you, right?

Chi-town kids! Emily Flake will be in town for the Bookslut Reading Series tomorrow night!

Also, here in town, we have our Reading Club discussion for Liquor at POP, 7pm.

And on Friday it's FOUND! 7-9pm, at POP.


It's High Zero festival time so it's also time for more HighJinx!

Birthday Gorilla


Laugh Or Cry?

I really don't know which.

The parents of a freshman student whose teacher resigned after he gave her a sexually explicit illustrated book said Wednesday their daughter has been the target of harassment from fellow students, and they want the school district to do more to clarify the issue with other parents.

Thank You, Dear Readers

The CityPaper gave us Best Independent Bookstore in this year's Best of Baltimore.

And so did the Readers!

Does This Article Make Me Sound Fat?

photo by Baltimore Sun

A lovely article about the lovely Emily Flake in the Sun today.

"Emily is all about self-loathing, and that's why we love her," says MacLeod. "She's funny, man. Not a lot of eye contact. She's busy calculating what she's going to say. She's the Sarah Silverman of cartoons."

You Drank All The Resurrection

photo by Goff_B

Thanks to everyone who worked on & attended Hampdenfest!

HampdenFest Happening Now

photo by Sidereal

Did Someone Say Salami?

Wow, we are honored to be McSweeney's Bookstore of the Month.

It's all about the salami.

Two Hampdenfest Requests

1. Please, no rain.

2. Will someone PLEASE sing Ghostbusters for Hampden Idol???

Keyboard Man - Fox 45

Keyboard Man will be on Fox 45 Morning News tomorrow morning along with last year's Hampden Idol winner, Tony. I'm sure it'll help you wake up and prepare for your day.

James Jean & Paul Pope

photo by AdHouse Books

Apparently, there was an exhibit of James Jean and Paul Pope's work over at MICA this past weekend.

Unfortunately, it has already been taken down. Was it all just a dream?

First Friday - Tonight!

Are you ready to be a contestant for Hampden Idol? The last try out before Hampdenfest is tonight at the Hon Bar. Starts at 9pm!

The judges this year are:

Mary Alice Yeskey of Ace of Cakes

Kevin Perkins of Allied Advertising

Johnny Zebra ref for the Charm City Roller Girls

And a little 80s Guitar Hero will be happening over at POP tonight, 6-9pm.

Look for a special Guitar Hero III party later this Fall.

Another Finally!

All these books we've been waiting for are all coming in!

It's a cruel waiting game sometimes, but luckily there IS a payoff.

As most of you comic geeks know, Wednesdays are comic book day. The day that new comics get delivered to all the comic book stores all over the country.

But on weeks with holidays it gets pushed to Thursdays, like today.

Our new comics shelves are pretty different from traditional comic stores.

But you'll still some Batman and Xmen in the mix.

It may seem arbitraty to you but we swear there's a method to our madness!

For comic lovers of all stripes, Baltimore Comic Con is this weekend. Yay comics!

Buffy #6

Remember it's a holiday week so comics are coming in on Thursday instead of Wednesday, and we'll continue our casual Buffy Reading get-togethers at the Hon Bar on Thursday, 7pm. Faith's back!

(Why is it that the Summer has gone by in the blink of an eye but it feels like it's been a million years since the last issue of Buffy?)

A Little Rest For the Wicked

This Monday, Labor Day, we'll be closing early - 3pm, for both Atomic Books and POP.

Liquor - Reading Club

This month's Shank Reading Club pick is Liquor, by Poppy Z Brite. 15% off for the month and discussion on the last Wednesday at 7pm, over at atomic POP.

Public Poetry

Baltimore Is Reads is responsible for this flyer right outside our door.

Friday Review - Alone With His Guns

Benn read Armed America: Portrats Of Gun Owners In Their Homes
by Kyle Cassidy:

In 1999, the NRA said there were 215 million guns in the US owned by 50% of the population. The Brady Campaign said there were 192 million guns in the US owned by 39% of the population. Judging by Kyle Cassidy's fascinating collection of portraits of gun owners, I'd estimate that 75% of all the guns in the US are owned by Pennsylvanians (seriously, PA, what's wrong with you?). No matter how it shakes out, there are a lot of gun owners and even more guns in this country.

Cassidy travels America and photographs gun owners in their homes with their guns. While the diversity is broad, balanced and fascinating, what is truly compelling is the glimpse at how these gun owners live. Out of the 100 families profiled, 48% of them own pets while only 25% own a book (visible in the pictures). Cassidy asks them a simple question, "Why do you own a gun?" The answers vary from well-reasoned ("pro…

Battle To The Death

Larry Doyle and Emily Flake, BFF, tomorrow night at atomic POP, 3620 Falls Rd. Starts at 7pm!

Wire Season 5 - It's A Wrap

photo by lisa_h

McNulty's moving out of the hood and he's having a yard sale this Saturday!

Dame Darcy Hearts Flava Flav

Dame Darcy is competing to be a contestant on the next season of Flavor Of Love.

She needs some votes to catch up. Help her dream come true, won't you?

Vote for Dame Darcy to be on Flavor Of Love.

Tell a friend. She could use the votes. Currently, she's not even in the top 20.

Here's hoping she doesn't end up on Rock Of Love. That show is just gross. Perfectly hair metal. But gross.

Bunnies & Bees


Something For Everyone

Maggie's favorite new magazine (check out her new shiner - she got hit in the head with a skate at the last roller derby bout)!

Don't you just love this country?

The Invisibles

Tonight is the meetup for the Invisibles Volume 1, our August book for the Shank Reading Club. atomic POP, 7pm!

My Hunger For Venison

It's finally here in a different format than expected but it's beautifully done.

How To Visit Atomic Books From Work

A lot of you folks out there are unable to get to at work. You email us with your bewilderment, "I can get to Amazon from work, and they sell dildos on their site!"

Yes, some work filters think we're pr0n and there's just nothing we can do about it.

But you can visit boingboing's handy guide on how to get by or around those pesky filters.

I hope you're at home because some work places filter boingboing, too.

(thanks for the link, baltimike!)

Fart Party - The Book

Our latest book can now be pre-ordered!

Baltimore Today


And only 2 of those links are related to crime!

Curmudgeons In Cleveland

Anthony Bourdain's had some writers on previous episodes of his food and travel show, No Reservations, but now...Harvey Pekar? Bourdain all drawn and comic-y? Cleveland...cuisine?

Can't wait!

Reading Poll

One in four Americans didn't read a single book last year.

But that means 3 out of 4 did? Liars.

Poe Toaster Revealed?

This is one mystery that I wish hadn't been solved:

"The legend was almost too good to be true. For decades, a mysterious figure dressed in black, his features cloaked by a wide-brimmed hat and scarf, crept into a churchyard to lay three roses and a bottle of cognac at the grave of Edgar Allan Poe. Now, a 92-year-old man who led the fight to preserve the historic site says the visitor was his creation."

Hampdenfest Entertainment

Updated schedule of bands is here.

It's Almost 2008

Seriously. We have calendars & planners already.

Upcoming Events

Whoa, it's Wednesday again? This is the fastest moving Summer ever!

Upcoming events:

Sept 1 - Larry Doyle and Emily Flake at POP!

Sept 7 - First Friday and another shot for Hampden Idol, at the Hon Bar, starts at 9pm!

Sept 8 - We'll be set up over at Load of Fun which should be a load know. From 1-6pm! There'll be bands from Wham City and loads of other vendors.

Sept 15 - HAMPDENFEST - right here on the Avenue.

Sept 28 - Found Magazine dudes are back! And this time, it's all crime! Over at POP, starts at 7pm!

Have A Good Baltimore Weekend!

photo by Sidereal

What's cuter than a little girl with a Boh?

Friday Review - Smoker's Lounge

This week Benn read DUKE Magazine 1 & 2 by Raquel Welch & Emily Hunt:

Maybe Flight of The Conchords has given me a case of the Land Down Under-itis (yes, I realize the Conchords are from New Zealand and Duke is from Australia and, evidently, when Australians and New Zealanders are put into a room together, they will fight each other to the death unless stopped - much in the same way we Americans behave with Canadians), but I am obsessed with Raquel Welch. Not THAT Raquel Welch, although she's not bad either, but Duke Mag's Raquel Welch, and her partner Emily Hunt, too! Somewhere in between Cheap Date and Ben Is Dead lives Duke Magazine, a cultural zeitgeist (sorry, girls) of thrift shopping, quirky collecting habits, anti-fashion, artist and collector friends, etc. And in full color no less! They ask questions like Michael Jackson vs. Prince? They battle over who loves Bowie more. They create fake ads. They play dress up, a lot. Witty, compelling, and just downright fun…

John Waters Movie Marathon

Check out the original move Hairspray, along with Polyester and Desperate Living, in a free John Waters movie marathon this Friday!

Adorable! Just Like Smoking!

Emily Flake's latest book goes on sale tomorrow!

She'll be here in Baltimore on September 1st, in our latest author mashup with Larry Doyle!

Friday Review - Everyone But Maggie

This week Eamon read Only Skin by Sean Ford:

Only Skin begins with a brother and sister arriving to claim their birthright, a gas station in the middle of nowhere. It's unclear where their father has gone and why he would leave his business. He's one of the several people that have recently vanished from a small mid western town.

The pacing of Only Skin is quiet and seems like it could be a Twilight Zone episode. Questions such as "Who or what killed the deer?" and "Who is the ghost?" suggest a larger narrative unfolding - hopefully one full of satisfying horrific events. All in all I enjoyed the subtle mood of the drawings and am looking forward to seeing where the story will continue in the next issue.

Lauren used Rilakkuma Relax Bear Container Set:

First I have to point out that they are adorable. There are 4 containers that nest within themselves. Each one is a different color with different pictures on the front. The first size is perfect for a sandwich, …


Say You Want a Revolution is August's pick for our Reading Club. As always, 15% off for the month, and the discussion is the last Wednesday of the month at POP, 7pm.

Comic-Con 07

photo by Pablo Hidalgo

They should really change the name to Movie-Con.

Hampden Idol Try Outs

First Fridays here in Hampden is when shops stay open late and have special events and sales up and down the Avenue.

atomic POP will host Hampden Idol Try Outs this coming First Friday, August 3rd, 7-11pm. Final Round is at Hampdenfest, September 15th.

Friday Review - Growing Pains

photo by mobtownshank

This week Benn read It's Not News, It's FARK by Drew Curtis:

Admittedly, I've never been a huge fan of It's always felt a little too morning radio shock jock-y, and after reading Fark founder, Drew Crutis' book, now I know why: A large number of morning radio shock jocks use Fark to prep their shows. The subtitle of the book is "How Mass Media Tries To Pass Off Crap As News," and this is an area that Fark is an undisputed expert in. Fark (the book) breaks news story types into sections, uses actual stories to illustrate these categories and then includes some Fark visitors' snark/comments about the stories at the end for humorous effect. Not earth shattering, but a good primer for those who don't understand all the contemporary criticism of modern media.

Mish read Tank Girl: The Gifting #2 by Alan C. Martin & Ashley Wood:

Alan Martin has resurrected Tank Girl, and it no longer looks like the
rainbow fall-out from a …

Naked Girls Smoking Weed

Best title of the week.

Possibly ever.

Buffy #5

Buffy was taking a break this month, but issue #5 is out a week early (came in yesterday) probably so they could have it at Comic-Con which starts today.

This Ain't A Library

The Sun notices that soft seating is going missing from local bookstores.

"People just come in and spend the day with you and don't buy anything. That's one reason we're minimal on seating," says Al Ackerman, who volunteers at Normal's. "We're not a library or lounge. We're a bookstore, and we're very serious about our bookstore."

We got rid of our soft chairs years ago. Mostly because some dude got grease all over one.

Hampden In The Media

John Waters was on CBS Sunday Morning yesterday taking a walk through Hampden.

We just won Best Shopping Neighborhood from Baltimore Magazine.

And China Martens (who also lives and works in Hampden) won Best Zine:

RIP Brian Rubin

Atomic Books and atomic POP will be closing at 4pm this afternoon.

No One Likes Spoilers!

photo by Sidereal

You're all dressed up at Otakon but you still have to read the last Harry Potter before someone ruins it for you.